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February 13, 2007



I love "Did They Eat It?"! I especially love your recounting of all of their reactions, although Logan's reactions might be my favorite. I used to have a very picky eater but all of the sudden he has started trying and liking all kinds of new things. There is hope, at least for the kids.


I love this feature, Melissa. I think you are adventurous in what you serve, so hang in there. Of course, with Logan as "selective" about what he likes, the kids are going to pick up on it. My husband is omnivorous- I could burn it to a crisp and he would still eat it. My older one, the same age as Madison. is getting braverm though, and Mari is going back to being a vegetarian, I can cope with it all but I miss really spicy food. Sometimes I make it and force them to try it, and other times I make them something else. I think feeding a family is exhausting !


my husband is the pickiest of all the people i have to cook for. He won't eat any kind of seafood at all. he won't eat most meat--he will eat a roast from the crock pot but generally won't eat chicken on the bone or any form of hamburger.

no one in my family will eat the old stand bys: meatloaf or even spaghetti. if i tell them we are having spaghetti they say, "we ALWAYS have spaghetti."

if i ask people what they would like to eat the only answer i ever get is Pizza from my husband. if he never married he would live off $5 pizzas from little caesar's and frozen pizzas.


we should be able to physically hurt picky people. especially when WE ARE THE ONES COOKING. not that i am bitter.

Peeved Michelle

I made this last night and it was really good. When you use the frozen ravioli, do you cook them first or just put them in the lasagne frozen? I cooked them first since I wasn't sure and that step made the whole thing not much simpler than my regular lasagne recipe. I am sure if I followed the recipe and used the refrigerated ravioli, it would have taken less time.

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Logan couldn't find a boneless one so he got one with a bone and carved it before we cooked it.

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