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February 05, 2007



Here's some food-related assvice, to take or leave -- try adding some ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and/or a drop of soy or (dare I say it?) Tabasco (we like the new chipotle one), to the turkey. It's much less flavorful than beef, so it needs help. I also add poultry seasoning mix, or just paprika and oregano. Also, I am a bad chopper so for stuff like this I grate onions on a box grater, no pointy little cubes in the meatloaf. Good luck! :)


Good idea.

I process the shit out of the onions in a food processor. Or logan won't eat them.


More assvice, yippee:

I really like the America's Test Kitchen meatball recipe. It includes buttermilk (I use 2% buttermilk), bread (white), ground pork and beef (I make mine using ultra-lean beef and omit the pork), Parmesan cheese, and a handful of other ingredients. (I'm unclear of recipe copying/pasting/reprinting rules, otherwise I'd post it here. You can email me if you'd like more details.)

The resulting meatballs are superb...savory, tangy, delicious. So, maybe add some buttermilk/bread instead of bread crumbs to yours?

Good luck. Meatballs rule.

Karen Millen Sale

Logan couldn't find a boneless one so he got one with a bone and carved it before we cooked it.

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