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February 12, 2007



That recipe looks really good -- I was thinking, hey, Ms. Picky (my 5-year-old) likes tortillas and beans...and then I got to the cheese. She doesn't eat cheese. CHEESE.

I'm looking forward to more of your recipes -- I already made the cold sesame noodles, and they were delicious. I was the only one who liked them, but they were delicious nonetheless.


Maddie doesn't like most cheese either, she'll eat grilled cheese though. She likes pizza sauce but not marinara sauce. WHAT THE HELL?

I make the cold sesame noodles for myself too. I make them Monday and then eat them for lunch all week and dinner on the nights Logan's not home for dinner.


I LOVE cold sesame noodles but unfortunately am the only one in my house as well. What is with that??

Peeved Michelle

Alton Brown said on Iron Chef this week that you can never fully cook off alcohol.


No wonder the kids were so loopy after dinner.

I'm kidding! It cooks off a lot and my kids ate about 1/2 of one bite. I on the other hand at about half the pan and didn't even get a buzz.

Damn it.


my kid wont eat cheese either. in any format except mac n' cheese. i wish we could give them food in pill format.

Karen Millen Sale

Logan couldn't find a boneless one so he got one with a bone and carved it before we cooked it.

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