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April 18, 2007



Looks good to me -
I almost never use the stove top for frying anymore because I hate cleaning grease off ove it that much (all those nooks & crannies).
Instead I use the electric skillet we got as a wedding present forever ago and only used for pancakes. Works like a charm!


Henry ate grilled chicken in a restaurant the other night, for the FIRST TIME EVER, and now I'm all about finding some way to serve non-nugget chicken for dinner. And voila! I have all this stuff in my pantry.

Thank you for the inspiration.


When I first looked at the picture I thought the olive oil was a tequila bottle and I was like, "Oh HALLELUJAH this is what I'm making for dinner tonight!!!" Maybe I'll make this chicken anyway and then just dump tequila all over it.


Instead of smashing the chicken breasts down, try cutting them lengthwise - that is, when they're laying flat on your cutting board, put your hand on top, hold the knife parallel and cut through - making 2 thinner pieces with the same surface area. You'll need a sharp knife and a small amount of skill to avoid losing a finger, but it's not that hard and I find it quicker and tidier than pounding stuff, if less satisfying.


I love your food updates. And I might cover my entire stovetop with aluminum foil.


That looks really good, I'm going to have to give that a try. We've been having the same 5 or 6 things for dinner so long that I've started doling out PB&J just for something different.


This looks delicious. I'm going to have to file this one away for myself!


I do the same thing with foil on my rangetop--I hate cleaning so much that I put it everywhere except the burner(s) I'm cooking on. (I know I just left a preposition dangling. Obviously I'm lazy and can't be bothered to even try to fix it!)


I'm going to cover my whole kitchen in foil, I think.

This looks good...thanks.

spring=lemon cravings for me.


Looks good to me, but I'm sure my picky 10 yr. old would frown at it. How the heck did I end up with such a picky eater? I've about solved the problem though-if he doesn't like what I make he knows how to find a spoon and the jar of peanut butter and I've learned to let go of the guilt. I'm sure he'll be eating something besides peanut butter when he's 20.


Thank you for this recipe. I finally was able to try it tonight and the whole family LOVED it. Even my dear 10 year old daughter who has turned her nose up at almost everything I make lately, which means she's been making & eating a lot of PB sandwiches for dinner the last few weeks.


WHEE! It was a success at our house too. Two picky eaters, one who'll eat most anything, and two parents who just want to eat without hearing food complaints. I made corn on the cob and some Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice in the 90sec bags.

It's been added to our regulars list. Thanks!


Made this for my family...husband liked it but wondered what it would taste like with lime instead...son said it was too "lemony" but ate it all (sound familiar?) daughter had peanut butter instead (as always) and I loved it.

Thanks for a new recipe! :)

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