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April 25, 2007



I love that Madison gagged. My son gags at smells and textures and if anyone has food on their face. Blood makes him gag too. He is a laugh riot.


Love this segment of your blog!


Will your kids eat fish? If so, there is an Everyday Food recipe that kind of reminds me of your dinner: Mexican Cod and Potato Stew. (http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/mslo/menuitem.fc77a0dbc44dd1611e3bf410b5900aa0/?vgnextoid=562eab224190f010VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD&autonomy_kw=mexican%20cod%20potato&rsc=ns2006_r1) Potatoes and corn, fish instead of black beans, no cheese. We always use tilapia instead of cod and often use yellow onions instead of shallots because that's what we have on hand. It cooks in the microwave and is super fast, easy and relatively healthy.


We had a couple of rules at my house growing up. 1. You have to try everything. 2. If you turn up your nose, you have to eat two helpings. I got to where I would hold my nose down with my finger and say "No Thank You". Thank goodness my taste have changed...squash is actually really good!


If they liked that you might get them to try this Tex-Mex Lasagna


(from my favorite cooking magazine - cooking light)


I have that baking dish. Isn't it the easiest thing ever to clean? I want to replace every dish I own with stuff made out of that French White material.


Made this for dinner last night but used frozen mixed peppers instead of fresh green peppers and no onions. Easiest thing ever, and it was really tasty. Both of my picky kids ate it even though it had salsa in it. I made it in my French White dish and thought of you.


Hey, I think I actually have the ingredients for this. I was wondering what to do with those potatoes!

Mine don't gag, they say "This looks disgusting." I'm not sure what is worse.


Thanks for this one. Been dying to figure out inventive ways to use mega healthy black beans. You Rock.


I am SO adding you to my blog roll!! This is EXACTLY what I need! Fun, easy, healthy recipes from moms with picky kids. Excellent! Thank you! I usually don't use this many exclamation marks!!


I tried this last night! Big success! I did do half a green pepper and half a red pepper for more color. Oh and you are right, you definitely do not need that much cheese!


Made this last night because I had a) no energy to make dinner and b) we had NOTHING TO EAT IN OUR CUPBOARDS. It's a wonder we didn't starve.

Had to cook a while longer b/c the potatoes wouldn't cook through. I gave up at 30 minutes and during dinner my husband said, "I can't tell if it's the potatoes or the peppers that are crunchy..." I told him it was the peppers so that he wouldn't chuck the rest of his meal in the sink.

Very good though. I ate it again today for lunch.

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