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May 01, 2007



Your blog makes me terrified to own a home, it also makes me scared to procreate – I am Little Miss Picky – will my children be picky also? Oh Lord, I'm scared.

Hahaha, seriously though, I am loving that Seat of Your Pants cookbook, I'm seeing myself purchaing that before I move in with the boyfriend.


The Madison comment is hilarious! You crack me up.


Is the rice already cooked prior to mixing with everything else?


Sounds delicious!

Also, I'll have to keep my eye out for Logan (although with so many other runners I don't think I'll see him...) - my husband and I are running the Indy Mini Marathon too.


Yes! Sorry, rice is cooked before going into the pan. The idea is to use leftovers for this dish but since I'm only cooking about once a week these days...we don't have leftovers.


Everybody has their Spam-a-Rama! At my house the comfort dinner is a hallowed ground turkey stroganoff my mom clipped out of Family Circle around 1977 -- my sibs and I have converted legions of boy/girlfriends and roommates and now spouses to its ugly, delectable charms. Too much sauce for Madison, or I would share the recipe here. :P

laughing mommy

I love this blog. I love the recipes. I love the reviews by every family member. I love what your kids say about the food.

I have two picky eaters at my house and this blog just makes me smile.



I can't imagine what Madison's future married life is going to be like.

Love this blog!


Why does imminent marathon = needs low fiber diet? Prevent pooping en route?


I don't think I've seen you post one recipe that my picky husband wouldn't eat! We would live on Hamburger Helper and Kraft mac & cheese if he did the cooking around here. Our go-to comfort food is tater tot casserole. So good, but so completely unhealthy that I only make it once or twice a year.


Drat - foiled again!

Peeved Michelle

Yes, but what is the recipe for Spam-a-Rama?


I made this and it was really dry. Should I have added water at some point? Or more gravy? It was really yummy after I poured water on my plate.


That's weird. No mine is always really liquid-y because of the gravy.

Did you use cooked rice?

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The recipe looks delish. Your kids would starve to death at my house.

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