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September 14, 2008



Holy smokes! That's a whole lot of heat.

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will further divide the vote,You can reach the safety of Cairhiens walls long before you could return to Shienar,

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The recipe looks delish. Your kids would starve to death at my house.

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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year! ! !

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discovered a ’God spark’ deep within our hearts and began to

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Feel very good, the story is very good, let me see very is excited ah, I'll follow the author learn to use the unique eyes to see things, many think, will find it. Also will continue to focus on the author of the article oh.

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The content is not bad oh, it is to let a person see the very shocked oh, so in our life, side of things, no matter how big or small, in the author's eyes is a very good learning it. I'll talk to the author of the study.

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Very good, this article enough to force it. Let me see of relaxed and happy ah. Suddenly enlightened on the spot, meal goes open, put Buddha understand all the truth, came to the pure land, is back the earth, that feel super and great ah.

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If can of words, I think I'll everyday concern. The content is really too subtle, let me see, knew a lot of truth, as China has a word at the same goes open, make me feel comfortable for a long time.

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Life is so wonderful, today the first reading article is so good, it makes me feel good luck will go today, wait to read a few times, and then go out for a walk, touch your good luck. But I will continue to focus on, let me keep cheerful mood.

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Jeg har haft lidt en åbenbaring idag, jeg har nemlig været til møde i a-kassen

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